Cancer, HIV, kidney failure and intoxication

Free Cancer HIV Hospital project by Disha Arogya dham. Aurangabad Maharashtra
May 8, 2014
All types of lung disease include cilicosis, asthma, etc.
February 23, 2019

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Treatment of diseases such as cancer, HIV, kidney failure and intoxication is made free of cost

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People being killed by cancer more than antibiotics

Antibiotics are very common in India. Pain or a fever or any small mergence, people use antibiotics fiercely. It would be strange to know that the drugs that were discovered to save lives of human beings are killing humans today.

Medicines are killing humans

According to a recent research published, the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is killing approximately seven lakh people every year worldwide and by 2050 this figure could reach one crore. The main reason for this increase in the data is the uncontrolled use of antibiotics.

According to the research paper, “The rapid growth of the world’s medical sector, the use of antibiotic medicines is increasing in people.” This is a fact that India is among the largest consumers of antibiotic drugs in the world. Is one of them.

On increasing concern about antibiotic resistance across the world, said, “Most Indians think that antibiotics can treat diseases like normal cold and gastroenteritis, Which is a misconception. Most of these infections are caused by the virus and there is no role in the treatment of antibiotic drugs.

On this issue, Managing Director of India, Manasij Mishra, said, “Antibiotic resistance is a crisis that affects everyone globally. With a global, versatile strategic solution, we now need to address this issue.

Antibiotic medicines are not the only ones in India, but death statistics due to this include America, including Europe. According to the report, these drugs are being marketed fast in 76 countries of the world.

Etna International has told the bad effects of antibiotic medicines through its white letter ‘Between Between Better Management of a Precious Medical Resource:’ Antibiotic Resistance. The letter states that factors such as disease burden, poor public health infrastructure, rising income and irregular sales of affordable antibiotic drugs have increased the risk of antibiotic resistance in India.

According to a report from The Week, a few days ago, in one research, it was claimed that by 2050 antibiotics will be responsible for the death of more than the cancer.

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